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Dry ice freezer for safe vaccine transport

Vaccination against COVID 19 currently takes place mainly in larger vaccination centers. In order to scale up the vaccination capacity, it is important to also realize a good infrastructure for transport and storage at smaller vaccination centers, such as general practitioners, employers and healthcare centers.

Merebit's passive dry ice freezers make it possible to transport and store Pfizer / Biontech vaccines at ultra low temperatures. Ideal for reliable vaccine transport. The reason for maintaining such low temperatures is the relative instability of RNA - a piece of information in the form of ribonucleic acid, which is an important component of this type of vaccine. In fact, it produces particles of the virus that the immune system responds to.

The Merebit dry ice freezers can store vaccines for up to five days at a temperature of -78 ° C. In terms of size and user-friendliness, these mobile freezers are easy to transport.

Product benefits of our dry ice freezer for vaccine transport:
  • » 5 racks x 30 vials per box (type Smart)
  • » temperature -78 ° C
  • » lightweight & compact dry ice freezer
  • » accumulator for temperature maintenance
  • » polystyrene material for optimal cooling / insulation
  • » optional: temperature & CO2 meter
  • » CE quality mark