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Vaccine freezer for general practitioners

Passive dry ice freezers are essential for general practitioners when rolling out the vaccination strategy. Your own decentralized ultra-cold cooling system for the storage of the Pfizer / Biontech vaccines. The Merebit dry ice freezers can store vaccines for up to seven days at a temperature of -78 ° C. In terms of dimensions and user-friendliness, these mobile freezers are perfect for general practitioners.

General practitioners can store up to 30 bottles in the freezer, which equates to 180 vaccination doses. You do not need a power supply. With the supplied thermometer and CO2 meter you can monitor the temperature and CO2. You can order dry ice from many suppliers with which you can cool the new stock for 5 days.

Autonomous cooling system for general practitioners

Thanks to the vaccine freezers, the general practitioner has time & flexibility to schedule your vaccination. You are no longer dependent on external cooling systems. The sensitive Pfizer vaccines remain effective thanks to the ultra-low temperature. Ideal for vaccination planning for GPs who only have 24 hours in one day.

Product benefits of our dry ice freezer for general practitioners:
  • » 5 racks x 30 vials per box (type Smart)
  • » temperature -78 ° C
  • » lightweight & compact dry ice freezer
  • » accumulator for temperature maintenance
  • » polystyrene material for optimal cooling / insulation
  • » optional: temperature & CO2 meter
  • » CE quality mark