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Vaccine freezer

You like to increase your vaccination capacity. Vaccination against COVID 19 currently takes place mainly in larger vaccination centers. Vaccinations can also be organized decentralised thanks to our dry ice freezers. Especially when logistics and time planning are difficult to organize, with a vaccine freezer you have your own passive cooling system.

Merebit developed a passive Ultra Cold Freezer, where thanks to an innovative solution, refrigerant - dry ice can be continuously replenished. The bulk of the refrigerant is sufficient for 5 days of use and the standard freezer capacity is 30 bottles, which equates to 180 vaccination doses.

The vaccine freezer is effective for the following target groups:
Vaccine freezer product benefits:
  • » 5 racks x 30 vials per box (type Smart)
  • » temperature -78 ° C
  • » lightweight & compact dry ice freezer
  • » accumulator for temperature maintenance
  • » polystyrene material for optimal cooling / insulation
  • » optional: temperature & CO2 meter
  • » CE quality mark

For safety, the freezer can be connected to a thermometer with data logger, which registers the temperature at intervals and triggers an alarm if the temperature falls outside the set limits. We can also supply a CO2 meter to measure air quality for a safe indoor environment.