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Dry ice

We focus on supplying dry ice freezers as cooling system. You can fill our cooling systems with 11 kg of dry ice via a separate feed module. You can order this dry ice from a dry ice supplier. The price of dry ice is on average about € 3 per kilogram. The dry ice supplier provides a safe shipment and explains how to use. Solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) is used as a refrigerant for the designed freezer.

Dry ice distribution can be provided by local suppliers. This widely used refrigerant is applied, for example, in the transport of fresh food & beverages, in the prevention of premature fermentation of grapes, in cooling the dough during kneading, but also as an ecological abrasive for cleaning surfaces. The standard freezer can hold 11 kg of refrigerant.

One kilo of dry ice releases 541 liters of carbon dioxide gas. The freezer must therefore not be hermetically sealed and is secured so that it cannot tear. An increased CO2 level causes fatigue or headaches. The large amount in an enclosed area can also cause suffocation. However, the CO2 emissions from the freezer are relatively small and spread over several days, so it is usually enough to ventilate.

For the sake of a healthy working environment and effective use, we also supply a:
  • » thermometer with data logger and alarm function
  • » CO2 meter with data logger and alarm function
  • » Hepa air purifier with active carbon filter (additional work option)

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