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CO2 meter when using dry ice

We believe it is important for healthcare organisations to monitor air quality when using dry ice. We supply CO2 meters with the dry ice freezers. These have an alarm function and a traffic light indication Red - Yellow - Green with which you can easily read if you have healthy air or if there is a need for better ventilation.

One kilo of dry ice releases 541 liters of carbon dioxide gas. A higher CO2 level causes fatigue or headaches. The large amount in an enclosed area can also cause suffocation. However, CO2 emissions from the freezer are relatively small. We advise to ventilate with the windows open or with HVAC. Mostly, we also supply a Hepa air purifier with an active carbon filter; for a healthy working environment.

CO2 meter with traffic light indication

  • » CO2 meter with measuring range 0 5000 ppm
  • » self calibrating CO2 sensor
  • » humidity meter 5 up to 95%
  • » temperature sensor
  • » green yellow red indication
  •     - green: 0 800 ppm
  •     - yellow 800 1200 ppm
  •     - red 1200 ppm+
  • » CO2 datalogger
  • » CE and Rohs certificates
  • » USB to DC Power Cable (optional with Lithium battery)
  • » 2 years warranty
  • » price 149,- excl. vat)

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