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Dry ice freezer – Smart - for storage of 180 vaccines

We supply a compact dry ice freezer for storing up to 180 Pfizer / Biontech vaccines at an ultra-low temperature. Merebit has developed a small compact dry ice freezer specifically for transport companies, general practitioners, pharmacists and health centers.

The Smart dry ice freezer is lightweight (max 20 kg without vaccines) and requires very little space. You can place the passive cooling system stand-alone. You don't need electricity. Merebit produces these in accordance with CE quality requirements in order to responsibly cool the vaccines with dry ice to - 78 ° C.

There is excellent insulation and protection against CO2 risks. You can fill 11 kg of dry ice through a separate entrance. The vial holder is equipped with a cold accumulator for short term temperature maintenance of the vaccine even when the holder is withdrawn. The box is well insulated using polystyrene with a mixture of carbon nanoparticles to avoid infrared radiation.

Get started with a dry ice freezer:

  • » Light dry ice freezer (or the smaller type Light)
  • » Thermometer & CO2 meter for climate monitoring
  • » Optional: Hepa air purifier for air purification
  • » Dry ice: you can order dry ice yourself from your local dry ice supplier

  Light Smart Airgel
Temperature - 78 °C   - 78 °C   - 78 °C 
Cooling method  11 kg dry ice  11 kg dry ice 11 kg dry ice
Cooling duration  min. 5 days  min. 7 days min. 7 days
Refill option  Yes  Yes  Yes
Dimensions  50x50x100  58x72x100 45x40x50
Weight  20 kg  20 kg  8 kg
Insulation thickness  20 cm  20 cm  10 cm
Insulation material  Polystyrene  Polystyrene  Airgel
Box material  HDPE  HDPE  HPS
Accumulator  Yes  Yes  Yes
Cold rooms  20x20x30  20x20x30  20x20x30
Capacity per room  0.9 liters 0.9 liters  0.9 liters
Vials per space  30 vials  30 vials  30 vials
Total capacity  180 vaccines  180 vaccines  180 vaccines
Temperature meter Yes Yes Yes
CO2 meter Yes Yes Yes
Dry ice indicator Yes Yes Yes
Alarm function Yes Yes Yes

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