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Dry ice freezer

Merebit's dry ice freezers keep vaccines at a temperature of - 78⁰C for seven days.

 The Czech company Merebit s.r.o. (Abbreviation for Robotics slogan in MEdicine, REsearch and BioTechnology.) Is the manufacturer of dry ice freezers. Ecolucht B.V. is distributor of Merebit systems for more than 7 years. Merebit is engaged in research and development in medical and laboratory technology.

The Dry Ice Freezer isn't the only device Merebit has developed to prevent against Covid. For example, last year the company developed a lung ventilator with advanced respiratory support functions, an artificial lung concept designed to make training staff and testing lung ventilators easier. This year, in addition to the freezer, ultraviolet disinfection for vehicles is also being prepared.

Developers from the company Merebit came up with the idea of ​​a passive Ultra Cold Freezer, where thanks to an innovative solution, refrigerant - dry ice can be continuously replenished. The bulk of the refrigerant is sufficient for a minimum of 5 days of use and the standard freezer capacity is 30 bottles, which equates to 180 vaccination doses.

Ecolucht B.V. in addition to the vaccine freezers, also supplies CO2 meters and Hepa air purifiers for a safe living environment with healthy air. The freezers emit CO2. We offer a total solution with CO2 meters and ventilation solutions.

Become a partner

Ecolucht is responsible for the worldwide sales of the Merebit freezers. We are rapidly building a network in various countries with resellers and dry ice suppliers. Inquire about the possibilities to work with us.

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