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Dry ice freezer

A dry ice freezer can be applied for the storage of vaccines at a temperature of -78 ° C. Made in Europe with CE mark in accordance with the highest quality standard. The dry ice freezer provides your facility to safely transport and store the vaccines in a well-conditioned climate. You can store the vaccines in this passive cooler for 5 days using dry ice.

The ultra-low temperature in this vaccine freezer is realised by dry ice. There are local suppliers for the safe delivery of dry ice (your supplies). Pay close attention to the regulations on how to handle dry ice responsibly. The vial holder is equipped with a cold accumulator for short term temperature maintenance of the vaccine even when the holder is withdrawn.

Dry ice freezer benefits

General practitioners, transporters, pharmacists and healthcare institutions can organize their decentralized vaccination with our dry ice freezer. We have listed the technical advantages for you:
  • » 5 racks x 30 vials per box
  • » temperature -78 ° C
  • » lightweight & compact dry ice freezer
  • » accumulator for temperature maintenance
  • » polystyrene material for optimal cooling / insulation
  • » including temperature & CO2 meter
  • » CE quality

Product specs

Dry ice freezer - assortment

To meet the capacity requirements, we have 4 types of dry ice freezers:

Dry ice freezer for decentralized vaccination

This innovative dry ice freezer offers many practical advantages to properly cool the vaccines and to handle dry ice safely. A multimeter monitors the climate conditions. And you can fill 11 kg of dry ice per box in a cooling tray separate from the vaccines. We mainly supply the equipment to: